At Last! Accurate Heart Rate Measurement Without a Chest Strap

For years, I have been looking for a watch that, while running, could accurately and automatically measure, capture, and display my heart rate without the need for a chest strap or PC connection.   Watch after new watch came out this year that claimed this, but none of the ones I tried could do this while exercising or sweating.  That was until the Peak, from Basis, an

I have been using a Polar watch and chest band for years during my runs.  We are all different, but what I know about myself is that I need to exercise within my target heart range or else I over exercise and get burnt out or I will slack off if not pushed hard enough. Chest bands are accurate, but are pain, too, as they are uncomfortable to wear and it means one extra piece of equipment to lose and run out of batteries.

Even Basis’s first watch before the Intel acquisition, the B1 couldn’t accurately measure heart rate while exercising, but Basis’s latest, the Peak is different.  It’s the first wearable that I’ve used that accurately and automatically measures, captures, and displays my heart rate without the need for a chest strap.  Let me say more about “accurate”.  By “accurate” I mean the Peak was consistently within 2-3 beats of my Polar with a chest strap, and that’s saying a lot as I consider Polar the gold standard.