Can Homeotherapeutic Remedies Work As Well As Dietary Supplements?

Homeotherapeutics are manufactured and processed in such a way that the energy signature or magnetic code of the original substance is extracted and then amplified to create a remedy. The Magnetic/Mechanical process is made by passing a magnetic field through a waveguide that was created from the original substance, and then turned in to an alcohol and water solution. This solution is able to then absorb the magnetic field. These magnetic fields leave a detectable magnet field referred to as remanance.

However, there is another way to create a remedy. The HPUS – Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of the United States – which is also used by many manufacturers worldwide, names the Pharmaceutical – Mechanical process as the means to create a remedy. This is a secondary method that extracts the energetic signature or magnetic code from the original substance, (which could be either a toxin, or herb or mineral) and then dilutes and shakes the substance in a series of steps. This process actually removes the physical properties of the original substance and then amplifies its energetic signature. When used to created remedies above 24x or 12c, this process removes the potentially toxic materials used to make some homeopathic remedies.

There has been a lot of debate among the medical community regarding the efficacy for homeotherapeutics. Mainly, the medical community does not find that there is any proof that homeotherapy works. However, it seems that they constantly refer to double-blind studies published in the standard medical journals that were purposely picked to prove how ineffective homeotherapy is.

Meanwhile, the homeopathic community as well as those unbiased researchers would also agree that the studies the medical community uses to cite its cases against non-medicinal treatment are not high quality critical studies of homeopathy. Unfortunately, the studies that really need to be cited are the meta-analytic studies (which are studies of studies) of which most reflect the effects of homeopathy are better then a placebo study. Since 2007, there were six meta-analyses of hundreds of individual studies performed.

Interestingly, the main medical view of opposing homeotherapeutics is that it bases its arguments on an inability to explain how it actually works. Ironically, this same concept applies to standard medicines that are currently used. Even aspirin was used for 90 years without anyone knowing exactly how it worked, yet it was prescribed all the time.

The two different processes cited, Magnetic and Pharmaceutical are both valid processes. There are advantages with each one. With the Magnetic process because it starts out with an energy signature of the substance, there are no toxins involved and it is actually free of errors in terms of creating a remedy or combination. Not to mention it is also extremely accurate when creating higher potencies.

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