8 Ways to Change Your Body Composition


Why do we work out? Well, we all choose to train, work out or exercise for many different reasons. One of the most common reasons individuals choose to lead a healthy lifestyle is to change their body composition, improve overall health, get leaner and lose weight.

Fueling the body immediately upon awakening will be key in order to stoke the fire within your body. Upon awakening, our glycogen stores are slightly depleted. Fueling the body at this time will help to reload our glycogen stores as this will help to improve the quality of our workouts, improve recovery and improve the quality of the next day’s workout.

If your workout occurs first thing in the morning, this serves the same importance as eating breakfast. If your workout occurs later in the day, be sure to stoke the fire and fuel your body 30-60 minutes before your workout. Pre-workout fuel can either be liquid (smoothie) or solid.

I want you to think of food for the body no different then kindling wood for the fire. If you continue to throw wood on the fire all throughout the day, the fire will continue to burn. Our body is exactly same: If we continue to fuel the body frequently, from the time we get up and all throughout the day, we will continue to stoke the fire with in our body. The key is to fuel the body immediately upon awakening and every 2