Health Benefits of Cordyceps Sinensis

If you are asking what are the health benefits of taking Cordyceps sinensis  then you have come to the right place.  Cordyceps was first discovered in China over 1,500 years ago and has been extensively researched for its potential health benefits.

Some of the potential health benefits from Cordyceps Sinensis include an increase in energy, endurance and stamina.  The world of athletics has been examining its benefits for training and competition.  It seems that there is quite a decent performance increase when cordyceps sinensis is taken.

It also increases oxygen capacity, which in turn, can improve one’s metabolism.  If you struggle with that sluggish feeling during the day, it will battle weakness and fatigue.  It has been found to boost lung function  and capacity, as well as boost the immune system and even improve sexual function.

So the question is, how can it be so helpful in so many areas of our bodies and overall health?  Cordyceps is an Adpatogen Herb.  Adaptogen herbs are specially classified because they must be nontoxic, cause few, if any side effects and help build up resistance to all those areas of stress that may negatively affect the body.  Basically, adaptogen herbs treat our body as a whole and assist in getting our body in the most perfect balance, which is a great health benefit.

If you don’t know much about how our bodies work but want a quick and simple overview then read on:  Every cell in the body has a cellular structure called mitochondria.  Mitochondria convert the nutrients from all the food we eat into energy, enabling us to function and move efficiently.  The actual substance the mitochondria create from these nutrients we eat is called ATP (adenosine triphosphate).  This ATP is basically like gas for the car.  It is fuel that our bodies need to keep moving.

If our bodies our producing the right amount of ATP then our cells have the right amount of energy and the body has all it needs and is running well.  However, if the Mitochondria are damaged causing a shortage of the ATP we need, the body starts to fall apart in a sense.  It doesn’t run as well without this fuel.

Cordyceps has been found to actually increase the storage of ATP in the liver as well as helps to repair the damaged mitochondria.  Pretty impressive, right?  This then leads to improving the ATP levels in the body which then assists the body in functioning more efficiently.  It essentially improves our overall health.

In the elderly it was found that cordyceps improves the general physical condition as well as the mental health, appetite and vitality and sexual drive and cardiac function. It seems to generally help slow down the aging process.

The following are additional benefits of cordyceps sinensis:

With an improved ATP Synthesis in cells, it causes faster energy recovery after doing exercise/training when taking cordyceps before or after a session. There is a decrease in that sluggish feeling while ones physical strength is improved.  Cordyceps sinensis also provides more stamina as an immediate effect of its healing abilities.

It improves breathing functions by improving or alleviating the symptoms of respiratory related sickness such as Chronic Bronchitis and Asthma.

Cordyceps sinensis helps to lower cholesterol and triglycerides while HDL-cholesterol (which is the good cholesterol) is improved.

In regards to the immune system, Cordyceps sinensis can increase the Natural killer cell activity and help build more muscle.  Natural Killer cells are really our first line of defense for our body’s immune system.

There have been many clinical studies of Cordyceps sinensis that have focused mainly on Natural Killer cells and how Cordyceps fights Cancer formation.  In one in-vitre study exhibited, Cordyceps had the capacity to significantly increase Naturally Killer cell activity and formation in normal people and in Leukemia patients as well.

These studies concluded that natural Cordyceps enhanced and improved the Natural Killer cell activity of normal patients by seventy-four percent (74%).  It also found that those suffering from leukemia benefited from this treatment because the Natural Killer Cell activity improved by 400%. There are additional related improvements of these Natural Killer cell activities found in big melanoma cancer.

Cordyceps sinensis can also help help with discomfort from Tired Legs.

Research has found that Cordyceps sinensis able to improve the blood flow inside the human body.  It essentially relaxes the graceful muscles permitting blood vessels to expand, which then enables an improvement in the function of the heart and respiritory system (our lungs). Cordyceps also has the capability to stop of decrease blood vessel contractions that inhibit or hinder the flow of blood in the lower part of the body and legs which is really the main cause of tired legs.

Among the widely known benefits of using Cordyceps sinensis, the best-known medicinal action of Cordyceps sinensis is the increase of physical stamina, or endurance, since Cordyceps has been shown to improve the internal balance mechanism, causing oxygen to be utilized more efficiently.  Although the highest grades of Cordyceps sinensis are hard to find and very expensive, the CordySpray homeotherapeutic oral spray seems to mimic the effects of taking the actual cordyceps sinensis mushroom extract.

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