How Cordyceps Sinensis Can Improve Endurance

Cordyceps sinesis has recently been used by the pharmaceutical industry to help fight diseases.  Cordyceps sinesis, is a new generation of mushroom that has been found to contain amazing healing properties for the body. There have been additional discoveries of how it helps improve an entire range of health and immune issues in the body and so it is now offered as a dietary supplement.

Cordyceps sinensis can be used to help bring back the normal performance of your body, encouraging a better immune response, improving energy and strength, and increasing longevity. The latest analysis has found that cordyceps can increase sport performance and has strength-building capability. This means it can actually help improve endurance.

Now there is a homeotherapeutic oral spray called CordySpray.

Cordyceps sinensis dramatically increases cellular energy (adenosine triphosphate).  This cellular energy is also known scientifically as the ATP/IP ratio. Cordyceps sinensis will increase ATP (adenosine triphosphate) levels in the body by almost 28 per cent. ATP is the body’s energy supply source, or the main power of the body to function normally, and it is required for all enzyme processes.

In traditional chinese medicine, Cordyceps sinensis has been used to help regulate blood pressure, support the cardiovascular system, and enhance sexual energy and desire. Empirical tests performed at Hunan Medical University have even revealed that cordyceps sinensis is helpful in relaxing the smooth muscles tissue of the penis, increasing blood flow and ensuing in more durable erections.

A few animal studies have revealed that feeding cordyceps can extend the ratio of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) to inorganic phosphate (Pi) within the liver by 45-55% – an impact that may be viewed as helpful in terms of a high energy state and the potential for performance improvement.

With the use of Cordyceps Sinesis, the clinical research and reports show increased synthesis of ATP and faster energy recovery.  It appears that Cordyceps improves the internal balance mechanism,  enabling the utilisation  of oxygen more efficiently.  These amazing properties may account for the overall physical enhancement, the extra endurance  and the anti-fatigue effects that are seen in humans using Cordyceps.  One doesn’t have to take the actual Cordyceps sinensis mushroom extract (which can be very hard to get and very expensive).

How It Enhances Physical Stamina

Cordyceps is best known medicinally for increasing physical stamina.  It can cause a change in the biological action that allows for an increase in cellular oxygen absorption by up to 40 percent.

In 1993, the Chinese National Games brought this mushroom to the attention of the world’s sporting authorities.  A group of nine women athletes who had been taking Cordyceps shattered nine world records. There have also been many reports of amazing improvements in performance in various sports due to the intake of Cordyceps. This has led to talk of possibly banning Cordyceps from sporting events as it could give an unfair advantage to those who are able to benefit from it.

Nowadays, most professional athletes who use it will not admit that they do, since there is a possibility that some sporting authority will outlaw its use.  However, the Canadian Olympic Committee has taken an official stand on Cordyceps, ruling that it is allowed in professional competition.

Another benefit of Cordyceps sinensis is that is has also been shown to improve liver functions. The liver is the living filter of the body, cleaning the blood and all other fluids of impurities. Without a functioning liver, the body cannot survive.

The clinical research in controlled studies has revealed that elderly patients suffering from fatigue and senility- related symptoms reported relief in these areas after using Cordyceps for only 30 days.

Various studies have shown that Cordyceps sinensis improved the flow of blood in the body by relaxing the smooth muscles of the blood vessels and allowing them to expand, and also enhanced the functioning of the heart and lungs.

Still, the best-known medicinal action of Cordyceps sinensis is the increase of physical stamina, or endurance, since Cordyceps has been shown to improve the internal balance mechanism, causing oxygen to be utilized more efficiently.

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