Motivate Yourself and Lose the Stuffing Gut with 20 Workout Products

Similar to the longboards that skate pioneer Tom Sims started riding in 1975, these custom-crafted decks are made from sturdy beechwood and are available in 45-, 48-, and 53-inch models. They’re all the perfect size for anyone who’s looking to burn a few calories between points A and B.

Your dog’s been giving you the stink eye since you bought yourself an Up. But now he can finally have his own wearable—the Whistle will break down his daily activity and show how he compares to other users’ pooches. Log food, meds, and vet notes, and soon you’ll be tracking Fido’s health records better than your own.

Garmin offers a power meter for cyclists that’s shockingly easy to install and use: It’s an actual pedal. Hook the Vector into your bike’s spindle and a sensor measures power right at the source, gauging deflection through your pedal stroke. May the force be with you.


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