Stay Fit Over the Holidays with These 9 Training Tips

Every year, the last week of November represents something of an invisible cliff for even the most active person, and for the next six weeks or so, our falls at a fast pace amid an influx of holiday parties and social gatherings until it’s time to make a resolution to start working out again at the turn of the year. But what if you resolved right now to not let yourself get to that point between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day? Here are nine top tips for maintaining a strong baseline level of fitness through the new year—all you need is the desire to keep fit and 30 to 60 minutes a day.

As athletes, it’s natural to setbig outcome goals for ourselves(lose weight, set a personalbest, qualify for Boston, etc.);the trouble with this is theend result is largely out of ourcontrol. The holiday season isa great time of year to focus onprocess goals—smaller, actionableitems you can check offyour list daily that will help bringyou closer to your outcomegoals. Examples include: for 30 minutes daily, do 10pushups every morning, getto bed by 10 every night, liftweights twice a week … the listcontinues. Focus on executing your process goals this holiday season, and chances are you’ll be happy with the end result.



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